FX pairs on my radar today

These are the FX pairs on my radar today. I’ll be keeping an eye on the other majors too but these ones look like they might offer the best opportunity for today. Time will tell!

EUR/USD: wondering if the daily chart’s bottom triangle trend line will offer any support. Watching for any make or break from here:

eu30min eu4

NZD/USD: maybe not quite ready today but a support trend line is coming into focus. Watching for any make or break here too:

kiwi30min kiwi4

USD/JPY: We didn’t get much of a pullback. I’m watching the 104 level for any make or break. Traders need to remember that there has been a weekly chart bullish breakout from the longer-term descending trading channel.

uj30min uj4

ujdaily ujweekly

EUR/CAD: this pair is trading within a triangle on the weekly but still gives some decent movement whilst it chops around towards the apex of said triangle.

ec30min ec4hr

Things I’m keeping in mind:

S&P500 4hr: This major index is still consolidating but I’m watching the trend lines for any breakout; up or down:


Oil weekly: the Inverse H&S breakout seems underway.


USDX daily: the bullish breakout looks to be continuing:


EURX daily: this index is struggling at a major weekly-chart trend line and at the weekly 200 EMA (green line). Watch for any make or break from these levels:


Data: There isn’t any high impact data today but there is some second tier EUR data. 

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