FXWW Chatroom updates today

AUDKIWI taking out 1.1100 all via the kiwi leg plenty of stops in thin markets it looks like, no decent techj resistance until 1.1200ish Previous major weekly lows 1.1185/00 should be respected once panic dies down.
Yes needs to be respected that lvl… looks to me like large unwinding of macro shorts on break of 1.1100
NZD/USD: Sitting right on 61.8% retracement of this year’s .8045/.8835 rally, which comes in at .8345
NZD – Adding to the negative NZ sentiment – NZ Herald reports NZ economy could hit the rocks – economists New Zealand’s booming economy is at risk of a hard landing once temporary factors ramping up growth wear off, economists say. http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/10421920/NZ-economy-could-hit-the-rocks-economists
USD/JPY ended Friday at the highest closing level seen in the 101 sessions since 3rd April 2014
EUR/USD: The 61.8% retracement of 1.2750/1.3990 was at 1.3225. Next support is a weekly low at 1.3100. 
EUR/USD ended Friday at the lowest closing level seen since 6th September 2013, 50 weeks earlier
7.0 magnitude earth quake hit Peru. Large copper, zinc & tin producing area 
French govt resignation apparently is a process for a govt reshuffle 
Germany Ifo business climate 106.3  vs median 107;  last 108 
DJ – BOJ Mulling using more upbeat language in econ assessment
DJ – BOJ sees consumption as uneven, but maintaining its solidness
DJ – BOJ believes chances of CPI falling sub-1 % decreasing

Last week’s rally was the biggest weekly gain seen in USD/JPY in the 59 weeks since 5th July 2013
Friday marked the 5th consecutive day of gains for USD/JPY. The sequence of daily rallies has extended to 6 days once since 21st September 2009 (257 weeks ago), the exception coming on 2nd January 2013 (86 weeks ago)
For 13 of the last 15 weeks, USD/JPY has traded at the week’s high after the end of Monday’s session
At Friday’s close, USD/JPY was showing a net loss for 2014 so far of Y1.30 (-1.2%)


Last week’s fall was the biggest weekly drop seen in EUR/USD in the 29 weeks since 31st January 2014
Since November 2012 there have been 25 times when – as last week – EUR/USD has fallen on a Friday by 0.25% or more. Of the 25, none went on to close the Monday that followed with a net loss of more than 0.25%, the equivalent this Monday of 1.3200

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