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UBS – But now the relative outlook for interest rates and commodity prices has started to reverse, and we think it’s time to factor in a reversal for this AUDNZD trade. We look for AUDNZD to head back toward 1.15 over the next year. 

HK source.. We got given Euros here 1.3365 from Asian res; looks like holding up for now; but like i mentioned today, this Eur feels like we can take on the 1.3330’s bids. 

In the near term, USD/CAD should have seen a multi-week high on
Friday and Monday was its first down day in a new trend.  Today should
be a down day as well and a close below the green channel, now around
1.0910 should occur, with a drop to the 1.0810 to 1.0825 level likely
by late Thursday.  Although this area should hold through the weekend,
early next week should see a further decline as USD/CAD makes its way
down to the 1.0680 level or lower.  If this call is correct, the
1.0965 level should hold – in fact, we should not get anywhere near
there as the dollar should go right down today

The near term picture sees AUD/NZD down for two days, with the big
support between 1.0935 and 1.0945 breaking during this time. Our
target by late New York tomorrow or by Friday in Wellington is around
the 1.0880 level at a minimum.  After a bounce into early next week,
the crossrate should head down to 1.0770 by the start of September.
After that low, the cross should head up to the 1.1300 area by the
start of December

MS Heatmap picking up decent bids in EUR/USD at 1.3340 could well be linked to the expiries at 1.3340-45 today where we have c.€1.5yrds rolling off 

Santander…  Horrible ZEW number but the EUR is not suffering much as the market had anticipated this number. 1.3333 this year low and first level to watch. 1.3290 the target. We are seeing some strong bids in the toy ahead of 1.3340. Short EUR positions in the futures market are at extreme levels so it wont be easy going much lower.

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