Learn to Love What You Fear the Most by Sam Eder

For some traders, volatility is the stuff of gods. They love the gigantic swings that even the most uneventful press release can sometimes cause in the golden age of the central banker.

Others fear these quick and unpredictable moves. They prefer to run for cover and avoid volatility at all costs.

But what if you could learn to love what you fear in the markets?

What if you could take those market types that you dislike the most and turn them into the ones you relish?

This is what I did with quiet sideways market types, which I used to like the least. I learned to see the positives: that when they expand into volatility, they offer some of the best risk/reward trading opportunities available.

I confronted my weaknesses, and now I’m a much better trader for it. So, what trading scenarios do you like the least? And what can you do to learn to love them?

About the Author

Sam Eder is a currency trader and author of the Definitive Guide to Developing a Winning Forex Trading System and the Advanced Forex Course for Smart Traders (get free access). He is a co-owner of Forex Signal Provider FX Renew (Get a FREE 30-day trial). If you like Sam’s writing you can subscribe to his newsletter.

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