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We are about to enter a period of the greatest transfer of wealth in history. Are you going to prosper or suffer from it?

We all know that central and reserve banks cannot continue printing money indefinitely. This concept of quantitative easing has not flowed currency through to the common business, it has however served the banks, the same banks that have been lending recklessly and selling dodgy derivatives more now than ever.

2000 we saw the tech bubble burst yet the outcome was back to normal and little regulation reform on the banks.

2008 we saw the GFC yet the outcomes was back to normal and little regulation reform to the banks however this time the debt bubble was bigger.

Now we are in 2016 and same situation again, however now the debt bubble is so much bigger than before as a result of the excessive printing of debt-based currency. This coming correction is going to see a massive transfer of wealth as debt-backed currency does not work when reckless printing is performed to ‘stimulate’ the economy.

But who suffers in the end??? It is not the bankers, don’t you worry about them, they get bailed out. It is the hard-working population with pension funds, people like you and me that have our life savings eaten into and our entitlements slashed.

We have governments that are supposed to be a representation of the people, however we all know that there are powers behind these western governments that are doing quite the opposite. We as people have become enslaved to working 9 to 5 to pay tax, paying off a mortgage and forced to put money into retirement funds that we are unlikely to benefit from. Worst still governments are dictated to by corporations, look at the genetically modified seed situation, look at doctors promoting certain pharmaceutical companies, look at the effects of privatised prisons where people are kept in prison as revenue earners. And it gets worse…

What we are faced with is a global depression worse than what America experienced in the 1930s.

What can you do to protect your family and loved ones? Unfortunately time is running out to get prepared as we are now counting down to a major correction and resetting of the books. Here are some things you can do right now to prepare…

  • Take your money out of the bank – Did you know that governments can seize your funds in the bank? We have seen it happen in Cyprus and we are not even into the worst of it yet.
  • Get out of the stock market (if you can) – You should question why you should get out of the stock market, markets are looking great and making highs. Please do not be fooled, this is artificial and a classic sign of a bubble about to burst. There is no substance behind the highs and everyone knows the economy is not good yet why would people believe the markets are bucking that trend!?
  • Stock up on essentials – It appears we are about to go into a period of deflation prior to hyper-inflation. During hyper inflation the cost of essentials goes through the roof.
  • Limit exposure to property – Although property markets are still correcting, a major correction is on the way. This is an opportunity for buyers ready to get in at the bottom however not good for owners with high mortgages.
  • Home farming/production – If possible grow some veggies, capture rain water and move closer to self sufficiency. This also should include limiting the amount of utilities you consume.
  • Have precious metals bullion in your wealth portfolio – With paper debt-based currency losing value where can you store wealth? The only option left is precious metals and these have been a store of value for thousands of years. What is expected is that the price of gold and silver are going to increase substantially as the dollar devalues and owning precious metals is a sold form of insurances against these coming economic events.

Did you know that all of this links back to the Bible? Prophesies have clearly illustrated a future situation whereby we have a one-world government, a single currency and a situation where people are going to have a mark (or perhaps computer chip!?) on their body that will track everything and if you do not have this then you cannot trade. The Jewish Shemitah refers to cycles of 7 and 70 where at the end of 49 years we have a major re-setting of the books and go into a period of major hardship after many years of prosperity. This jubilee year is 2016/2017…more

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