Retail traders now have access to institutional grade spreads

The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world with more than 5.3 trillion dollars exchanging hands every single day. And with high volume, scalpers and robotic/algorithmic traders continually on the hunt for an edge within the Forex market, FXHFT was founded to offer these traders access to institutional grade spreads and commission.

FXHFT is one of the first Forex rebate providers to offer retail clients access to institutional grade spreads and commission from leading Forex brokerages from around the world.FXHFT offers traders access to a number of rebate options including:

• Reduced spreads of up to 0.4 pips for variable spread accounts

• Reduced commission as low as $5.00 per round turn compared to retail rates of $7.00

• And instant Forex rebates of up to 0.7 pips for fixed spread and 0.4 for variable spread accounts paid straight back into your MT4 trading account.

These four options allow the average retail trader to gain access to institutional grade spreads and commissions that will drastically improve your bottom line over a trading year.
Not only will the reduced spread accounts save you up front they will also allow you the opportunity to stay in traders longer as there is less of a chance the market will hit your stop as your spread is tighter, this could lead to more winning trades.

Other benefits of the FXHFT Forex rebate service are:

• Forex rebates will allow you to be more profitable as losing and breakeven trading days will now be less or even profitable

• Our Forex rebate service is completely FREE

• There is no need for monthly waits for your Forex rebates they will be available instantly with our Forex rebate service.

• No more banks, PayPal or other fees as we only offer reduced spreads/commission or instant rebates directly into your MT4 trading account.

• At FXHFT we guarantee never to inflate our spreads as a client of ours you are guaranteed cheaper rates then going directly through any Forex broker

To see how much you could be saving on every single trade check out our Forex rebate calculator.

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