Stock Index and Commodity Weekly Market Type Analysis by Sam Eder

Each week I review the current market type and fundamental considerations on a variety of stock and commodity indices. Market type analysis is critical to trade planning.  

MT = Market Type ( See lesson 8 in the Share Investing Course for Smart People)

  • US Dow Jones – MT is sideways normal. Look for range trading opportunities. NFP on Friday should be good for stocks.Prefer bullish trades but carefully.
  • US S&P 500 – MT is sideways normal. Look for range trading opportunities. As above.
  • US Nasdaq – MT is bull normal, but potentially turning sideways. Buy with caution.
  • US Russell 2000 – MT is bull normal. Look to buy.
  • UK 100 – MT is longer-term sideways but potentially breaking out. Trade to the long side with caution.
  • Europe  50 – MT is strong bull. Changing from a fast bull. Look to take small profits.
  • Germany 30 – MT is strong bull. Hold
  • France 40 – MT is strong bull. Hold. 
  • Italy 40 – MT is strong bull. Hold.
  • Spain 35 – MT is strong bull. Breaking out to a new high. Hold.
  • Swiss 20 –  MT is sideways volatile. Had a bullish reversal pattern off resistance. Take profits here, and consider short trades, but be wary.
  • Netherlands 25 – MT is strong bull. Hold.
  • Japan 225 – MT is strong bull. Hold.
  • Honk Kong 33 – MT is normal sideways. Breakout is occurring. Look to buy.
  • Singapore 30 – MT is normal sideways. Getting close to a long breakout. Hold for now.
  • Australia 200 – MT is bull normal. Look for buying opportunities, but careful of the double top that is forming.
  • Gold – MT is sideways normal. Careful longs preferred.
  • Gold vs EURO – MT is bull normal. Look to buy.
  • Silver – MT is sideways normal. Stay out.
  • Silver vs EURO – MT is just a normal bull. Long with caution.
  • Copper – MT is bear volatile. Big pin candle on the weekly chart giving a sell signal in this MT. Continue to look short
  • Brent Oil – MT is bear volatile. Prefer to stay out.
  • WTI Oil – MT is bear normal. Minor double bottom in play. Careful longs are a good play for now. I suspect we will see a new low reached eventually. The negotiations in Iran are potentially bearish for oil, and it looks like OPEC is increasing production – this is countered by decreasing supply from fracking in the US.
  • US 30 year Bonds – MT is turning fast bull. Hold.
  • US 10 year Bonds – MT is sideways volatile. Wait.
  • German 10 year Bonds – MT is strong bull. Hold.
  • UK 10 year Bonds – MT is volatile bull. Prefer careful buying.

About the Author

Sam Eder is the author of the Share Investing Course for Smart People. He is the founder and head trader at market beating stock investing service SpoonFed Investor. If you like his writing you can subscribe to his newsletter.

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