US$ rally fades & a big day for the GBP

Yesterday’s US$ rally faded during the US session following on from mixed Fed messages about the timing of any US interest rate hike and the weaker than expected US private jobs and Trade Balance data. There is a lot of high impact data for the GBP today, and a bit for the AUD too, but there is then NFP to look forward to tomorrow.

USDX daily: there still hasn’t been a daily-chart Flag breakout here:


EURX daily: still just chopping sideways BUT note the bounce up off the 96 level:


S&P500: quite choppy as traders fret over the US interest rate hike situation but the index is back above the daily Cloud:


Silver 4hr: still chopping along just under $15 support and I suspect it may do so until after Friday’s NFP is released:


Gold 4hr: also range bound and possibly waiting for Friday’s NFP before making it’s next move:


TC Signals: the US$ weakness during yesterday’s Asian session set up a few TC signals off the 3 and 6 pm candle close but the results have been mixed:

E/U: closed off for -50 BUT I would not have taken this anyway given the trend line support in play:


U/J 4hr: this has given up to 60 pips after eventually giving a trend line break as well:


Kiwi 4hr: is flat for now but this signal followed a trend line break:


GBP/NZD 4hr: this gave a signal that yielded up to 200 pips before stalling at a recent double top region:


Other FX: I’m still seeing many FX pairs as victims of this indecision with the US$. There is a huge amount of GBP data today to watch out for:

Cable 4hr: no triangle breakout with momentum yet SO the trend lines have been adjusted ahead of tonight’s huge batch of data. Watch for any breakout with momentum:


A/U 4hr: hugging the 0.735 level ahead of today’s AUD jobs data:


GBP/AUD monthly: there is a lot of data to impact this pair today and I’m still expecting a test of at least 2.07:


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