Wed 19th: trade radar

There seems to be a bit of quiet across most charts as the markets wait for some weighty data to be released over the next 48 hours. Chinese data was pretty much in-line with expectations so didn’t cause too much of a reaction but the markets are now waiting on GBP Employment data, US Building Permits and Crdue Oil data, the BoC rate statement and speeches and, of course, tonight’s final US Presidential Debate. Tomorrow brings AUD Employment data, GBP Retail Sales, US Manufacturing data and the ECB rate decision. Thus, there is a lot of data to impact market sentiment and a range of FX pairs.

USDX: I’m still watching for any make or break at 98.15 followed by 98.50:

usdx4 usdxmonthlycloud

EURX daily: holding above a support trend line ahead of tomorrow’s ECB rate update:


S&P500 & market sentiment: consolidating! The index is back above the key 2,135 for now. This might not see much movement today ahead of tonight’s US Presidential Debate:

spdaily sp30min

Gold 60 min: the metal is still ranging between $1,250 and $1,265 and has been for the last 10 days! I’m waiting for the breakout.


Oil weekly: above $50 and supporting the Inverse H&S:



GBP/USD: I’m avoiding the GBP for the time being but this pair might be worth watching with today’s GBP data. Any weakness might support a 61.8% fib pullback to the whole-number 1.22 area


USD/CAD: another pair that might offer some 30 min chart breakout opportunity with today’s BoC rate update. Watch the trend lines on the 30 min chart for any momentum-based breakout with the data release:

loonie4hr loonie30min

EUR/CAD: this continues to hover near the recent low of 1.44. Watch the 30 min chart trend lines on the 30 min chart for any momentum based breakout with today’s CAD data release:

ec4hr ec30min

AUD/JPY: this is hovering under the key 80 level and is one to watch. Any uptick in overall market sentiment could carry this over 80 so is worth watching with all data, not just AUD data. Conversely, market fear could see this decisively reject the 80 level. However, tomorrow’s AUD Employment data will be a crucial bit of news:



NZD/USD: another pair that might make its move from the 0.72 and the seven-week bear trend line based on general market sentiment.

kiwi4 kiwi30min

USD/JPY: I’m leaving this pair until it breaks out of the recent triangle as it is too choppy:

uj30min uj4

AUD/USD: this is back testing the major 31/2 year bear trend line. It might keep chopping here until tomorrow’s AUD data though so I’m cautious today:

au30min auweekly

EUR/AUD: this pair just keeps chopping lower but this makes me wary that some pullback might evolve. There hasn’t been a test of the broken major trend line so watch to see if any of tomorrow’s AUD and EUR data might trigger such a move:



EUR/NZD: another one that might be due a pause or pullback so caution is needed:



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