Weekly Trade Preview: Post NFP Beat by Dane Williams

After the February NFP Fallout post, lets now move onto the daily charts.

EUR/USD Daily:

– Strong daily down trend.
– What Greece resolution? Dollar is king here and nothing else matters.
– Post NFP we step to our next level of support already. Overextended but wouldn’t be surprised to see more falls. Where do you see some USD profit taking from here?

GBP/USD Daily:

That’s your daily down trend broken! Broke out of down trend but now retesting previous resistance as support. Crossroads.
– Once again, dollar is king and really that’s all that matters right now. BoE minutes will be interesting.
Tentatively like the buy on this trend line re-test. Will find out if I’m wrong pretty quickly here.

AUD/USD Daily:

– Strong daily down trend.
– Still in consolidation mode at support. I’ve talked about selling this a lot but the Aussie’s inability to drop with it’s USD cousins concerns me.
Going with the flow and still a seller. But concerned about the point above.

USD/JPY Daily:

– Kicking out of consolidation after the strong up trend.
– Dollar flying and the BOJ murdering the Yen.
Now we’re above 120.00, I want to buy any dips to this level.

Dane Williams – @danewilliamsau


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