CFTC’s COT report

From the FXWW Chatroom: CFTC: Speculative accounts increased their net euro short positions and set a
new record in their net sterling shorts but marginally decreased their net yen
longs, according to CFTC data, released Friday. The CFTC’s COT report,
non-commercial, futures-only section, excluding options, showed speculators had
a net euro short position of -82,059 contracts as per Oct 4. This compared to
the previous week’s net euro short of -76,030 contracts, and the net short of
-112,600 seen July 26, which was the largest net euro short since Jan 26. Spec
accounts had a net yen long of +68,695 contracts as of Oct. 4, vs the previous
week’s net long of +68,892 contracts and the net yen long of +71,870 contracts,
seen April 19, which was a new record net yen long. The euro closed near $1.1204
and dollar-yen around Y102.90 Oct 4. This compared to levels late Friday at
$1.1191 and Y102.97. Friday’s CFTC data showed that spec accounts had a net
sterling short of -97,572 contracts. This compared to the previous week’s net
short of -87,714 contracts and is a new record, beating -94,978 contracts, seen
August 23, which was the previous record net short. Sterling closed at $1.2728
Oct. 4 and was trading near $1.2435 late Friday.

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