Currency pairs update: after Asian Session Mon 8th Sept by Mary McNamara

Indices: both the EURX and USDX are trading higher to start the week.

USDX weekly: Seems to have shrugged off the weak NFP result and is trading higher BUT note the building ‘Triple Top’ though.


EURX weekly: 


Forex: no new TC signals BUT one is trying to build on the Loonie. I will need to see after my 7 pm candle closes though:


Cable: Much is being made of the gap lower here, triggered by Scottish referendum poll news, but a trip down to test the 50% fib of the recent bull move is not that extraordinary:


E/J: I had mentioned in my w/e write up how the 136 level was key to watch. This is currently coming under some pressure. Watch for at least a daily close here first though:


EUR/AUD: I had mentioned the 1.381 level was the one to watch here. Also coming under pressure. Ditto as for the E/J though:

E/A weekly:


E/A 4hr:


U/J: holding above the support of the 105 level. The Nikkei closed higher today and any push higher with US stocks might drag the U/J along higher too:


AUD/NZD: this is holding up fairly well. I’m long here from 1.12 and have locked in about 40 pips. I’m still expecting a test of the 1.12 level though this week given the AUD and NZD scheduled news items. So, if stopped out I’ll LONG again form the 1.12:


E/U weekly: I am still expecting the 1.30 level to be tested here with potential bearish follow through after that. Targets are: 61.8% fib near 1.28, 78.6% fib near 1.25 and then the 100% fib near 1.20:


Kiwi: still wedge bound:


A/U: we may not see too much action here until after Thursday’s employment data:


Silver: might be putting in another bounce off $19:


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