Don’t Get Emotionally Involved With Your Trade: by Sam Eder

Who cares if your trade wins or loses?

Well, you probably do care and that is ok. I care about my trades too.

But your trading is not dependent on the outcome of the next trade. It is dependent on the combined outcome of the next 1000 trades you do.

So, let go of any concerns around if the trade will work out or not. Emotional involvement is a recipe for fiddling and mistakes.

And mistakes kill trading systems.

Follow your system. Cut the losses short, let the profits run and take some profits if the market makes it obvious that it is going to reverse.

Other than that, simply observe the trade with curiosity. Learn from it and use what you have learned to make intelligent decisions about your market model, your system, your risk management rules and your future trades.

If it wins that’s nice, if not, no big deal. On to the next one.

Take care.



Source: FXRenew

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