FX: still slow but some TC signals around: By Mary McNamara

FX has again been rather slow but there have been a few small breakouts and TC signals. Watch for any impact today from NZD Inflation Expectations, EUR German Prelim GDP & Flash GDP,  USD CPI, Retail Sales and Crude Oil Inventories.

USDX daily: a bit lower again today but watch how this reacts to today’s US CPI and Retail Sales data:

Trend line breakouts and TC signals:

AUD/USD 4hr: the Aussie is still struggling at the previously broken 5-year bear trend line. I’m still LONG here:

EUR/USD: a new trend line breakout and TC signal here:

EUR/USD 4hr: just 80 pips or so:

EUR/USD 15 min: a choppy breakout and new TC signal for 2 R:

NZD/USD: a new, albeit small, trend line breakout and TC signal here:

NZD/USD 4hr:

NZD/USD 15 min: just 2 R here as 0.73 resistance got in the way:

USD/JPY: a small breakout here too but watch for any support from the monthly 200 EMA and recent low (see on daily chart):

USD/JPY daily: watch for any looming support:

USD/JPY 4hr:

USD/JPY 15 min: a better TC signal was triggered here though that gave up to 3.5 R:

GBP/JPY: a trend line breakout and new TC signal here:

GBP/JPY 4hr: watch for any potential Double Bottom at this recent low:

GBP/JPY 15 min: a TC signal here on the trend line breakout for 3.5 R:

Gold: no trend line breakout but a TC signal with a low risk set up gave 2 R:

Gold 4hr:

Gold 15 min: a TC signal for 2 R before hitting the trend line:

Other Forex: watch trend lines for any new breakout:

EUR/JPY 4hr:

GBP/USD 4hr:

Oil 4hr:

Other FX charts as per weekend analysis.

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