New kid on the block (Oct 31)

This was the AUD week. A worst than expected CPI from Australia (0,5% instead of 0,7%) was the “reason” that pushed the Australian dollar lower by 157 pips and the Gbp/Aud higher by 385 pips. Another reason can be profit taking from Usd positions because of month end. Another reason can be some stop hunting. On the other hand the GBP made a profit of 138 pips for the week mainly because of the Gbp/Aud and Gbp/Chf pairs (and without a single positive report).Concerning the new kid on the block there are actually two kids. First I am adding the Usd/Cad to my radar. Just a short blog post this week till I get in tune with the pair. Interestingly the pair moved 600 pips  in just 12 sessions so there is some room for trading. The other kid is a new statistic indicator that I created and I will be using to monitor weekly changes. If you want it on your charts, drop me an email and I will send you the indicator.

For the coming week pay attention to certain reports. Interest rate announcements for the AUD (Tue) and the GBP(Thu) and NFP on Friday.

Complete analysis of the pairs in the following video and the individual posts in my blog if you prefer to read instead of listening to my mesmerizing voice (my daughter told me this).


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