TC signals: over 340 pips this week

The TC pip tally from just three of this week’s TC signals is over 340 pips with two of these signals being under water when posted and, thus, allowing decent entry. The US session has just closed and, whilst much is being made of the lower close, I note with great interest that the NASDAQ has printed its highest ever monthly close and has finished above the key 5,200 breakout level!

There are no new TC signals but with the markets waiting for Friday’s NFP and a US holiday next Monday I’m not expecting much momentum to return until next week. Next week also marks the end of the northern hemisphere Summer holiday period and, hopefully, the end of the trading doldrums too! I have not had any clear-cut TC signals for the previous three weeks and so the return of signals this week, and successful ones at that, is encouraging. 

I am heading away today and posts will be brief and few until next Wednesday but I’m keen to check out some monthly candles when my charting software updates later today so will try to share them.

USDX 4 hr: no success here against the longer-term 61.8% fib so far. Will NFP do the trick?


NASDAQ: has closed BUT has finished August above the key 5,200 level:


Oil weekly: still watching this pattern form up:


TC signals:

U/J 4hr: up 120 pips and I’m still looking for a test of the 104.5 region as it is the 61.8% fib and a recent S/R zone:


E/J 4hr: this is up 120 pips also and I note it will close the month above the key 115 level. More on that later though when I update about monthly charts.


GBP/JPY 4hr: this has moved higher too and given around 100 pips. I also note with much interest how this pair will close the month above the key 134 level.


Gold 4hr: this is in positive territory but isn’t going too far or too fast just yet. It might not do too much now given the wait for NFP.


Other FX:

E/U 4hr: I’m watching for a test of the 61.8% fib here:


A/U 4hr: ditto here


A/J 4hr: drifting higher after the triangle breakout. A trade signal in itself!


GBP/USD 4hr: no test of 1.30 yet:


NZD/USD 4hr: choppy here too:


USD/CAD 4hr: this pair remains range-bound but is back above 1.30:



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